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cyberMIND takes and innovative approach to everything we do. Even in our partnerships. We choose our partners based on the performance of their product or service. We test, trial and use their products and/or services in production and when we find a company that stands out, that we can count on - we then seek to establish a partnership.

Some providers look to partner with what is hot on the market or what provides a good margin. We prefer to work with companies who do what they say the do so that we can offer their solution to you.

Below you will find a few of the companies that we partner with and that perform to our exceeding expectations.

cyberMIND - APC Partner Kalamazoo cyberMIND - CA Partner KalamazoocyberMIND - HP Partner KalamazoocyberMIND - Cisco Partner KalamazoocyberMIND - Microsoft Small Business Specialist Partner Kalamazoo

cyberMIND - Toshiba Partner KalamazoocyberMIND - Lenovo Partner KalamazoocyberMIND - RIM/Blackberry Partner Kalamazoo


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